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Why are Developers Incapable of Creating Good 3D Platformers?

WHAT IS WRONG WITH 3D PLATFORMERS? Platformers have been a staple of the video game industry ever since its inception. Mario, Sonic, Banjo Kazooie, Megaman, the list of video game mascots specifically from platformers goes on and on. Pretty much every major console in history has had a platform game that has either tried to create a new mascot or breathe new life into an existing one. For example, we have Mario (Nintendo consoles), Sonic (multiplatform), Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation), and then we have games like Pitfall and Rayman that began life on the Atari consoles. If we look through history, most of these mascots originated in 2D and then eventually moved into 3D as time went on and popularity rose. […]

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Is Zelda the New Benchmark for Open-world games?

INTRODUCTION Many games in recent history have been said to have revolutionised the industry and set the benchmark in quality for a specific type of game. For example, we have the Witcher 3, completely changing what everyone expects from an open-world action role-playing game, with its deep, captivating (and in most cases funny) quests; the brutal and fast-paced combat, all coupled with stunning graphics and a beautiful environment. In 2017, we were given Star Wars: Battlefront II, showing just how fantastically EA could mess-up and ruin a beloved franchise due to the money-whoring scumbaggery at the top, forcing gameplay altering ‘Star Cards’ to be a necessity for anyone who wants a chance to actually enjoy their experience without getting pwned […]